Shopping in Bologna

Bologna, a dreamlike Italian destination near the Apennine Mountains in Northern Italy, features a great destination for relaxation, sightseeing and ultimately crazy shopping.  Have a look at some of the greatest streets to spend money, appreciate top designer clothes and fantastic boutiques and enjoy your best vacation when it comes to shopping in Bologna.  Around the city everyone will feel relaxed and pleased, especially since the mood of the people is inviting and friendly for every foreigner who decides to pay a visit to Bologna. Photo By: ronindunedin

Italy is known for its designer shops and worldwide brands; therefore, begin your spree with Via Rizzoli, which will make you get lost just like in a labyrinth, since the entire area is connected. Via Ugo Bassi, Via D’Azegli and Via dell’Indipendenza are the next streets where the people and all the stores will make tourists really enjoy their adventure. Together, these locations are one big maze where walking along and admiring the best retailers will certainly manage to impress every woman.  Big names like D&G, Armani, Zara, Yves Saint Laurent and many more are ready to make people spend money. If you’re willing to walk across these streets prepare your budget because all shops are genuine and extremely expensive.  If you’re not interested to purchase clothes, around the location you will also find great antique stores and book shops that will remind you a bit of medieval Bologna. Photo By: j.labrado

Benefit from the diverse Book Market in Pizza Maggiore where traditional Italian culture and tradition are hidden within thousands and thousands of pages.  To purchase fruits, vegetable and other groceries the most recommendable area in Bologna is Mercato delle Erbe on Via Ugo Bassi. Delight yourself with great Italian cheese or relax within the most inviting restaurant and enjoy some homemade pasta. Photo By: lb75darth

However tourists come to the city because its fashion and innovation when it comes to wardrobe, they are just stunning. Apart from the normal moths of the year, when it’s sales time all streets are full with people ready to shop for anything. The craziest event occurs at the end of the summer season, when in September even the most expensive brand stores will drop their prices drastically. Via Farini and Via Clavature are also two of the most appreciated streets in terms of shopping big time. Various boutiques with souvenirs and jewelry, endless cafes and restaurants are just taking control of these areas in Bologna. Just to amaze travelers, the city is so lively and breathtaking. Its architecture still reminds of the former times when culture and tradition was still meaningful in Italy. Photo By: gian.franco

Around the metropolis every shopaholic will find great deals. Even if your budget is not so significant Bologna is the city of many possibilities. Numerous accessible stores and shops are waiting to be found by tourists worldwide. The atmosphere of the entire shopping area is dynamic and vivacious.  To make sure that tourists actually find something, Bologna has must have something for everyone. To remind you of the city, travelers are crazy to purchase as many postcards as possible, as well as to make sure that they have great memories from Italy. Photo By: wildpianura

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