Packing Tips For Cruise Vacation

Unlike some other types of vacations, a cruise is way more complex. Due to the fact that you’ll be on water, you’ll need to have with you various additional items. Below you’ll find basic cruise objects that you need to have with you, if you want to have an amazing vacation. Photo By: loupiote (Old Skool)

Paper work

For every individual getting ready for a cruise vacation, handling paper work is not a fun job to do. First of all, you’ll need have a passport, as well as all the required visas. Especially because we’re talking about a cruise, make sure that you also have your medical insurance and vaccination certificate( if required) in order.

Credit cards

You’ll certainly want to have money with you every time you’re on a cruise. And because it’s not advised to have cash with you because you might lose it, credit cards are highly recommended. Thus, it will be much easier for you to withdraw money and convert it automatically in the currency that you need.

Proper clothes

And since you might never know exactly what kind of weather you’ll have to handle, extra clothes are advised. When you’re on a cruise you might need some comfortable sweaters, especially because on the deck and during the night-time, the breezy wind might get in your way.

Don’t forget your camera

No vacation can be complete without your camera. Because you’ll certainly want to immortalize breathtaking landscapes, therefore camera is elementary.

Traveling guide

A cruise can be really demanding, however surprising because it’s full of new places. A proper traveling guide with the places you’re about to visit, as well as map with the locations can help you manage more easily.

Swimming suit

Surrounded by water and attracted by the sun, you shouldn’t forget your swimming suit. In addition, if the weather is not that friendly, most cruise ships have indoor pools, for you to relax or just enjoy the adventure.


Sunglasses are advised because your eyes will need protection once you’re on dry land, especially if you’re cruising adventure includes exotic destinations. Therefore, sunglasses are not just for fashion, they’re also for resistance against the strong UV lights.

First aid kit

Even if the cruise ship ensures your safety, you might never know what can happen. Therefore, a first aid kit is exactly what’s missing from your entire luggage. If you are on some sort of medication, do not forget to take your medicines and doctor’s prescription.


In the event that you’re traveling during the summer season, sun screen is also advised. Keep your skin protected from the dangerous sun and make sure that you choose a cream with higher SPF; usually, SPF 25 is the most efficient one, because you’ll get tanned while you’ll also shield your skin.


Some people don’t actually read books when they’re on a vacation, but some extra magazines with the latest gossip might keep you entertained, while you tan your skin as well under the baking sun. Hence, you won’t get bored and you’ll have the opportunity to stay occupied.

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