Best Attractions For Kids in San Francisco

Traveling with children might be kind of difficult sometime. However, if you know where to take them, and what attractions to show them, they might turn your journey into a calm and relaxing adventure. San Francisco is California’s fourth largest city. Featuring plenty of compelling attractions and activities, make sure you opt for the best ones so as to keep your family entertained.

The Exploratorium – Opened in 1969, The Exploratorium is more than just a museum in San Francisco. The amazing collection inventions, programs and exhibitions for children and adults alike, will definitely keep an entire family mesmerized. Promoting science and ultimate technology, the museum is all about exploring the world and finding out its deepest secrets. In addition, for youngsters there are plenty of educational programs and demonstrations, so as to make them curious and amazed by science from a very early age. Photo By: Sang2004

The San Francisco Zoo – Presenting over 260 species of animals, the San Francisco Zoo is the ideal place for children. From elephants to tigers, from the craziest monkeys to the most beautiful black swans, visitors will certainly benefit from their visit. Identified as the biggest zoo in Northern California, the park is fantastic for children who want to have fun, admire the animals and enjoy their day. Photo By: Stephoto1000

Golden Gate Park – Famous for its wide surroundings and abundant vegetation, Golden Gate Park is an amazing place to stop by whenever you’re traveling with kids to San Francisco. In order to make your getaway more fun, you can rent a Go Car and travel around the place. Appreciate the park, enjoy your time off with your family and race through the impressive maze. The Golden Gate will keep your children amused because of the beautiful landscape. They can run, play around and consume their energy. All in all, the park is the perfect place to explore especially because it’s refreshing and revitalizing for the entire family unit. Photo By: MattArtz

Aquarium of the Bay – Aside from being a fun location for children, Aquarium of the Bay is also an educational attraction as well. Presenting various species of fish, visitors will also have the chance to travel around the acrylic tunnels, and witness the incredible underwater life of the Bay. Shark, octopuses and other fun marine animals will make every child want to find out more about the aquarium’s underwater life. Moreover, one of the best activities for kids is Touch the Bay, a presentation where they can actually pet several animals like leopard sharks, bat rays, sea cucumbers, skates, sea stars, and others. Photo By: CityPASS

Pier 39 – Recognized as San Francisco’s main shopping area, Pier 39 is a welcoming location for children. Explore a shopping spree with your entire family. Buy souvenirs for kids, dine at the numerous bistros around the area, and feel free to appreciate the beautiful sea lions on the dock. Around the pier there are various video arcades and virtual 3D rides for the little ones. Overall, the location offers tranquil ambiance for parents who just want to enjoy their day, while kids use their energy running and playing around Pier 39.  Photo By: jimg944

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