Best Winter Ski Resorts in Switzerland

Now that the summer is gone, people should start thinking about their winter vacations. Hence, Switzerland is a Paradise on earth when it comes to ski resorts. Decide to benefit from the ultimate adventure, enjoy your retreat and slide from the highest mountain. Switzerland has some of the finest ski resort in the world, where people will surely have the time of their lives.

Arosa Resort – Located on the east side of Switzerland, Arosa Resort is a beautiful winter vacation spot, as well as a summer resort. Jam packed with exceptional culture and historical past, Arosa will generate an unforgettable experience for the people, especially because the breathtaking landscape goes hand in hand with the winter amenities. Around the resort, tourists will come across over 50 miles of captivating terrain. Enjoy the fresh, natural air, venture yourself onto the slopes and put your skills to the test. Unlike the other resorts in Switzerland, Arosa is more isolated and romantic for couples, but still full of engaging activities and comfortable accommodations. Photo By: Michael Dawes

Gstaad/Saanenland – Featuring experienced winter tracks, Gstaad/Saanenland is a milder ski location than the others. Suitable for beginners, the resort is relaxing, as well as entertaining for families with children and couples alike. Benefit from the gentle slopes and decide to take on skiing. The destination is indeed thrilling for everyone looking to have fun in Switzerland. What makes Gstaad/Saanenland different from other ski areas in the country is the quality of the region. Luxurious hotels are all over the place, as well as dazzling restaurants and exclusive lounges for those who can afford spending money. The Alps are such enjoyable mountains to appreciate. Hence, start making plans for the winter and make sure you think about Gstaad/Saanenland resort. Photo By: denn22

Murren – Murren is a genuinely idyllic winter destination to think about. Situated on a mountain top in Lauterbrunnen Valley, this resort is accessible only by cable car. Recognized for its brilliant hiking trails and ski tracks, the location is indeed mesmerizing. Suitable for more advanced enthusiasts, Murren features plenty of activities, as well as an array of warm and comfy accommodations. Benefit from the ideal winter vacation, relax and appreciate the beautiful landscape of Switzerland. Photo By: John Motzi

Davos – Davos is situated in East Switzerland on the Landwasser River. Offering plenty of alternatives when it comes to amenities, Davos is another fantastic ski destination to try out. All over the resort, you’ll find plenty of welcoming restaurants and cafes, while the nearby villas and hotels will recreate the best vacation for visitors. Suitable for skiing and snowboarding, Davos is a fine place to opt for when you’ll start looking for a winter resort. Photo By: Katarina 2353

Laax/Films/Falera – The winter season is an endless adventure. Hence, the Laax/Films/Falera is one of the most adventurous areas in Switzerland because it has a wide number of sports to benefit from, various competitions as well as a huge number of annual visitors. Ski opportunities are available for everyone, especially because the space is so extensive. Featuring 130 sq. miles of slopes and tracks, the Laax/Films/Falera is without a doubt one of the most thrilling resorts in the country. Photo By: perdrizat


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  2. Wow, these are really great pictures! I feel like diving into this clean white snow! Swiss must be fantastic in the winter insn´t it?

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