Splendid Beaches in Australia

In case you haven’t got the chance this summer to enjoy the beach and benefit from the sun, Australia is waiting for you. The hot season is just beginning throughout the south hemisphere. Pack your bags and get ready to be baked by the sun. See for yourself which beach is the best and head over the ultimate adventure.

Bondi Beach (Sydney) – Are you tired of the noisy city of Sydney? Then it’s time to benefit from an adventure on Bondi Beach. The coastline is full of people all the time. Surfers, vendors, tourists and locals are everywhere. All day long, the beach is like a community of lively ambiance, good mood and cheerful people. Have fun in Bondi Beach, try out the array of water sports and relax along the inviting cafes in the area. Admire the calming scenery on evenings and enjoy the party spirit during the night because the beach is all about having fun. Photo By: GlobeTrotter 2000

Surfer’s Paradise Beach (Gold Coast)I’m guessing that you already know what surfer’s Paradise has to offer. Featuring thrilling waves for professional surfers and beginners alike, the shore is simply exciting. Beautiful, wide and entertaining, everyone will definitely benefit from their spare time on the beach. Furthermore, one can also socialize and have fun at the local pubs and bistros all around Surfer’s Paradise. The sand is smooth and the wind is breezy but not very cold, so practically an overall visit will surely be worth it. Photo By: whitematter

Cable Beach (Broome) Presenting over 16 miles of soft sand and impressive coasts, Cable Beach is constantly identified as one of the best in the world. Due to its length, on this coast everyone will have enough space to walk around for hours and have fun, dive, swim and enjoy water sports. In addition, during the night the beach still doesn’t sleep. Featuring an array of parties, the location is ideal for dwellers and tourists alike who want to benefit from their leisure time in Australia. For couples, there are endless possibilities to rent a boat and venture into the ocean to sense peace and romance. Photo By: Jax60

Cape Tribulation Beach (Queensland) Not so agglomerated like other beaches in Australia, Cape Tribulation is quite and serene for tourists who want to relax and benefit from the sun.  The clear waters and the soothing environment will certainly make tourists feel composed. Combining Australian wildlife with wide coastlines, the location is perfect for the summer season when you’ll want to find shelter under the shadowy trees. Photo By: Rob Inh00d

Cottesloe Beach (Perth)Cottesloe Beach is one of the most entertaining beaches in Australia due to the array of activities and comfortable accommodations. Hence, the place is perfect for groups and families who just want to take advantage of their vacation. Try out the varied water sports, get tanned and enjoy swimming within the clear waters of the ocean. Overall, spend quality time with your family and decide make your retreat unforgettable. Cottesloe Beach will definitely keep your children entertained, while you can relax and have a drink at the nearby lounges. Photo By: cofree

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