Romantic Tourist Spots in Prague

A trip to Europe is always mesmerizing. Hence, you ought to try out Prague. The city is so breathtaking and it will come up with great activities to benefit from. In case you’re on your honeymoon, or you’re just looking to spend more time with your loved one, the city will certainly surprise you. Have fun in Prague, enjoy your escapade and explore some of the most romantic activities in the city.

The Botanical Garden – Suitable throughout the entire year, the Botanical Garden in Prague will definitely amaze you. Walk around the romantic greenery, appreciate the vegetation and the abundant colorful flowers and have fun. Spend quality time with your partner, feel the calming ambiance and loosen up. The place features plenty of activities to undergo like the Greenhouse, the vineyard, various exhibitions and others. There’s always romance in nature, and thus this is exactly what the Botanical Gardens will provide. Photo By: finofilka

Vyšehrad Castle – Try out a bit of mystery as well, whenever you’re in Prague and pay a visit to the Vyšehrad Castle. Find out more about its devastating history, enjoy the secretive legend and travel around the place with your loved one. Furthermore, the view of the city is magnificent from the castle’s location, not to mention the fact that the beautiful landscape will make all tourists love the place. Discover more information about the ruins, appreciate the nearby Gothic Church and unlock the true history of the Vyšehrad Castle. Photo By: Jim Linwood

Malá Skála – Romantic adventures are constantly related to nature. Thus, Malá Skála is a fantastic bohemian paradise in Prague where couples will have plenty of activities to take advantage of. Walk around the place and uncover the beautiful greenery, organize a picnic and spend time with your loved one. Rocky and full of abundant vegetation, on your way to Malá Skála feel free to pay a visit to the alluring Zbirohy and Frystejn Castles, as well as the Catchpole House, among other ruins that are waiting to be admired.  Photo By: j_a_clarke77

House of the Golden Ring – After a tiring day in nature, a visit to the House of the Golden Ring will surely make couples relax and enjoy their vacation. Appreciate Czech art and find out more about its finest 20th century exhibitions. The house is soothing and relaxing, appropriate for those with an interest in raw art and contemporary European talent. Begin your journey from the oldest works of art and see for yourself the amazing evolution of fine paintings displayed at the House of the Golden Ring. Photo By: ms. mcgee

Prague Jazz Boat – All couples deserve to benefit from the most incredible retreat. Therefore, the Prague Jazz Boat will simply slide over the Vltava Rover and take couples onto an amazing adventure throughout the metropolis. Every evening, the boast organizes trips where the goal is to make people happy and recreated. Featuring various stops along the city’s best attraction, the boat is perfect for an intimate getaway. Enjoy jazz music, admire the setting and make your trip to Prague truly significant. Photo By: kejhu

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