Perfect Romantic Getaways in Kuala Lumpur

These days, couples are looking everywhere for unusual yet appealing places to enjoy a vacation. After searching the world for something catchy and glamorous, we’ve finally reached Malaysia, or more specifically, Kuala Lumpur, its dazzling capital. Recently developed, innovative and ultimately romantic, the city will definitely recreate the most unforgettable vacation for couples.

KLCC Park – KLCC Park is a public recreational area in Kuala Lumpur where couples and recently married couples can easily relax, enjoy the view and feel the romantic vibes of the location. During the night, the engaging fountains are changing colors creating the most mesmerizing ambiance. Walk around the beautiful Lake Symphony, esteem the gripping vegetation and turn your honeymoon in Kuala Lumpur into an unforgettable experience. Overall, remember that nothing can be more valuable than an intimate escapade with your partner throughout the beautiful KLCC Park. Photo By: UweBKK (α 550 on )

Kuala Lumpur Tower – Constructed in 1995, the majestic Tower measures 421 meters in height and from the top you can see the entire city, as well as appreciate the beautiful panorama. During the night, the Kuala Lumpur Tower cannot be avoided because it’s illuminated and extremely beautiful for romantic travelers. Pay a visit to the observation deck and enjoy a bird’s eye vista of the surroundings, or feel free to benefit from a romantic dinner at the revolving restaurant of the tower. Photo By: Andy_Mitchell_UK

Taman Tasik Perdana Lake Gardens – Suitable for a romantic night out, the Taman Tasik Perdana Lake Gardens are a fantastic tourist attraction in Kuala Lumpur. Surrounded by blooming gardens, rolling hills and gripping vegetation, honeymooners will simply love it. Onsite you’ll find an array of activities to take on like admiring the flower garden, enjoying a boat trip, or just walking around with your loved one and socializing. Nothing can be more romantic than a trip down the lake where you can be alone, have some intimate dinnertime and make the most of your vacation. Photo By: phalinn

Thean Hou Buddhist Temple – Opened in 1989 and created to worship Asia’s famous god, Buddha, the Thean Hou Temple is a soothing attraction for couples who want to enjoy recreation. The place is truly serene and it has multiple features. You can try out meditation, yoga, martial arts, or you can just admire the fine Asian architecture that surrounds the temple. In case you need some luck, trial the fortune telling experience and you might be surprised with the result. Photo By: Alice Teoh

Zoo Negara – Kuala Lumpur’s zoo garden is additionally a suitable place to have fun with your partner. Presenting over 5000 animals and over 400 species, the location is indeed exciting. The array of exhibitions is endless, while the overall feeling of the place is all about making tourists enjoy their spare time.  Walk around the natural oasis and admire the beautiful Lake Birds, or prepare to be impressed by the gigantic size of the Malaysian Elephant. Turn your honeymoon to Malaysia into the most extraordinary vacation, take hundreds of photos and immortalize the time spent with your loved one in Kuala Lumpur. Photo By: Fahmishah

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