Tips to Prevent Sea Sickness on Cruises

Cruise traveling is one of the best ways to enjoy a vacation, have a great time and esteem the surroundings. However, when you’re sea sick you forget about that and all you want to do is sleep. In order to avoid this type of discomfort you must learn how to avoid it, or at least how to slow it down. Have a look below and consider the following tips regarding seasickness deterrence. Photo By: jimg944

Food & drinks can help you

Usually, when you’re sea sick you don’t want to hear anything about food. In fact, proper nutrition and the right snacks are key ingredients that will make you feel better. Some people say that Coca Cola or Pepsi are great against sea sickens on a cruise.

Don’t stay inside the boat

You might think that the weaves are the ones to make you sick, when in reality, a closed space is what makes you feel uncomfortable. Therefore, choose to go out on the deck; feel the freshness of the air, sense the serene vibes and admire the landscape. In most cases, a beautiful view might help you forget about sea sickness.

Lay on your back and close your eyes

Lying on your back usually helps a lot because it will make your body forget about seasickness. You’ll be more comfortable and the agitation in your stomach will go away. In addition to that, try closing your eyes and think about some other place. You’ll see that it will work wonders.

When lodging, choose a middle cabin

It is highly advised you opt for a centered room when cruise traveling because you’ll have more balance. Every bump will be lighter and it will surely improve your health conditions. In some case you won’t feel the difference and you’ll start thinking that the boat isn’t moving at all.

Opt for sea sickness medication

Most of the time pills are not that recommended; however, there are people who cannot handle traveling on water all all. For them, the most indicated medication is Dramamine.  30 minutes before boarding onto the ship, just take a dose and you’ll feel a lot better.

Stay occupied

Most people think that sleeping during a cruise will make the sickness do away. In fact, it won’t. What you should do is stay occupied. Try out some engaging activities, socialize and make the time go faster. Hence, while talking and having fun, sea sickness will become something long forgotten.

Proper destination choice

If you know you can’t handle agitated waters, opt for more relaxing locations. Stay away from places where the weather is instable because it will affect your stomach. Usually, calm waters are perfect; you’ll barely feel that you’re walking on water.

Extra precautions, ear patches

These days, wearing ear patches against sea sickness has turned into a trend. The size of a patch is really small, and you can easily put it behind your ears. The effect is truly amazing and it can last up to 72 hours.

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