Most Engaging Attractions in Braga

Braga, an attractive city in northern Portugal, can easily be transformed into an ideal holiday spot. Mostly preferred by Europeans, the metropolitan area features amazing attractions worth exploring. Choose to esteem something different in Portugal and make Braga your ultimate destination choice. Suitable for families with kids, groups and couples, the location will definitely live to your expectations.

Bom Jesus do Monte – Recognized as one of the most remarkable churches in Braga, Bom Jesus do Monte or The Church of the Good Jesus is a great place to start. Constructed during the 18th and 19th century, the sanctuary can be a fantastic attraction for couples who want to sense some tranquility. What can be more relaxing than walking around one of Portugal’s most compelling churches? Entering the sacred place is free of charge, so practically everyone is welcomed. From all over the world, travelers will love the worship place because it offers valuable information regarding past beliefs and cultural values. Photo By: Youcoulilou

Saint Barbara Gardens – Right in the heart of Braga, tourists will come across the beautiful Saint Barbara Gardens. The place is simply staggering, filled with colorful flowers and relaxing ambiance during the warm season. Have an amazing vacation to Portugal and choose to admire its natural attractions. The garden is wide opened to the general public and it’s extremely crowded due to its genuine beauty. Visiting the garden will give travelers the chance to find out more about Braga and its appealing points of interest. Photo By: Renata F. Oliveira

The City Centre – In Braga, you’ll find excellent architecture, cathedrals and lively people almost everywhere. For tourists who need a bit of diversity, the City Centre is the ultimate spot to appreciate. The gorgeous Arcada Fountain located in the middle of the square, the nearby bistros, boutiques and artisans are great locations admire. The entire history of the city is in the centre mostly because it’s full of fabulous buildings and enjoyable activities. Photo By: pmagalhaes

Arco da Porta Nova – Throughout the tumultuous past of Braga, Arco da Porta Nova or the New Gate Arch used to be the main entrance to the city. Built during the 18th century, the construction is today a landmark and one of the most beautiful attractions in Braga. Its architecture and overall appearance are mesmerizing; travelers usually take gorgeous photos under the arch in order to immortalize every moment spend in Portugal.  Truly imposing, Arco da Porta Nova cannot be missed out whenever you’re around the city. Photo By: fotosintese

The Town Hall – Famous for being one of the most eye-catching buildings in Portugal, The Town Hall is an 18th century construction built by the famous Andre Soares. Travelers should definitely visit the point of interest because it features the milestone of the city in terms of past government and leadership. The front side of the Town Hall boasts the beautiful Fonte do Pelicano, another 18th century architectural piece that leads the road towards the Archbishop’s Palace. Overall, if you want to esteem original European structural design, than the Town Hall is definitely a compulsory place to visit.

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