Marble Cave in Chile Chico

Chile Chico is actually a small town positioned south side of the Province of General Carrera, Chile, South America.  Featuring a population of nearly 3,000 inhabitants, the community is famous for an array of attractions. One o the most visited one is the Marble Cave, a beautiful grotto made entirely of marble. Mostly explored by geologists, however preferred also by average vacationers, the attractions is certainly a milestone of Chile Chico. Photo By:

The place is completely natural and it’s absolutely breathtaking. The white marble that shapes the cavern and the numerous tunnels make the spot intriguing but still appealing. Exploring the cave can only be done by boat. Can you image yourself surrounded by pure white concrete and serene ambiance together with your loved one?  Generally speaking, marble is formed because of metamorphosed limestone; extremely solid and mostly used in sculpture the Marble Cave in Chile Chico is one fabulous attraction. Photo By:

Scientists and geologists have said that over the years the water managed to penetrate the massive blocks of rocks; this is how the cave and its surroundings were created. If you want to esteem something interesting and unbelievable in Chile, then you ought to see the Marble Cave. Nearby Chile Chico there’s another region called Paso Las Llaves where Carretera Austral highlights other beautiful marble curves, lakes and stunning natural attractions for vacationers. If you want to explore the place, there are several ferries available that will offer a complete guide around the entire site. Photo By:

Chile Chico is rather quiet and not that agglomerated. Hence, you’ll have the chance to admire in peace all its attractions. Cueva de las Manos is another spot worth taking into account. Famous for its Tehuelche paintings and blue hands (manos) carved on the walls, the place will surely stir people’s attention.  The overall site is truly interesting and highly investigated by geologists. The Marble Cave, or Capilla de Marmol as it is called in Spanish, is a geological formation quite fascinating due to its peculiar shapes.  If you want to explore the site, you’ll need to check the weather first. Vacationers are not advised to venture themselves into the Marble Caves when the water is too agitated. Photo By:

Onsite vacationers and adventurers will come across numerous accommodation facilities and dining options which will make their trip even more exciting. Just like most natural attractions in South America, Marble Cave has a unique element that makes it so impressive and esteemed by tourists. Limestone has been considered a precious material used in constructions for years; these days, people make sculptures and castles out of marble. Having the possibility to witness a natural cave made entirely of granite is absolutely fantastic. Photo By:

All in all, the Marble Cave is without a doubt a fabulous site to explore whenever you happen to be in Chile. Pure, white and alluring, the site will basically drag you into the cave. See for yourself what everything is all about, have a great time and make the most of your escapade to South America.

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