Magnificent Heart Shaped Destinations

How much do you love nature? The world is such a mysterious place to explore, and thus it comes along with some pretty spectacular destinations. If you’re a keen vacationer and you love traveling, have a closer look at the world’s most beautiful heart shaped wonders.

Heart Reef in the Great Barrier Reef – The smallest continent of Australia is a far away destination for some people however the experience will surely be worth it. The heart shaped barer reef is a perfect place to enjoy diving, swimming and snorkeling. The superb underwater flora and fauna, the intimate vibe and catchy ambiance will make everyone fall in love.  Photo By:

Heart Shaped Island in the delta of the Vaza-Barris River – We all know that Brazil is humid and wet. But how many of you have the courage to explore such wild jungle?  Venture yourself into the amazing Vaza-Barris River and esteem the abundant and untamed vegetation of its delta. Recently married couples will definitely love the destination because it’s wild and at the same time dreamy.

The French Polynesia and Tupai Island – Positioned just 19km north of Bora Bora, Tupai Island is a secretive destination for couples entitled with sandy beaches, breezy ambiance and romantic surrounds. The place is perfect for as bit of intimacy and it comes along with great activities like diving and swimming through the heart shaped coral reef. Photo By: neydapoerava

Coeur de Voh in the New Caledonia – Perfectly shaped and extremely romantic, Coeur de Voh is one of the world’s most impressive destinations. Romantic couples will adore it, and the best way to admire the heart is from air. If you’re seeking for the best gift for your girlfriend, then Coeur de Voh will certainly leave her speechless. Photo By:

Heart-shaped meadow  in Trittau, Germany – It really does look like a heart, and although it’s not that impressive from the ground, you’ll certainly feel the romance from an airplane or private jet. The destination is just another wasteland located nearby Hamburg and it’s ideal for couples and honeymooners to admire. Photo By: daihoc2009

Heart shaped island in Walchensee, Germany – Germany is already famous for its heart shaped destinations; Walchensee is identified as small isle positioned in one of the deepest lakes in the country. The destination is indeed exceptional and it comes along with plenty of nearby activities to take on.

Heart shaped reservoir in Schoenberg, Germany – At first you might consider it plain and boring, when in fact Schoenberg is an idealistic traveling destination. The location might be the perfect place to surprise your loved one and make a proposal or declare your eternal love.

Heart Shaped Sandbank in the Loire River, France – We all know that France is a dreamlike destination but how many of you are aware of its heart shaped sand bank? The site is simply breathtaking and it will make you enjoy to the fullest France and its cherished allurement.

Heart shaped garden in Waltrop, Germany – In Germany the heart shaped garden is a peculiar, yet appealing attraction. The location is so intimate and pure, perfect for a private walk with your loved one. A honeymoon to Germany cannot be complete without visiting the garden, which is true symbol of love.

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