Mediterranean Cruise Travel Tips

A Mediterranean cruise usually implies visiting the beautiful coasts of France, Greece, Italy, Tunisia, Turkey and more. Ideal for couples, families with kids and groups, such excursions need proper packing in order to be successful. Have a look at some useful tips that might make your cruise adventure more pleasant. Photo By: TravelingOtter



Make sure you pack smart and stay away from too many things. Because you’ll be visiting numerous countries, you’ll have plenty of time on your hands to enjoy shopping. Thus, it is recommended to take only necessary clothes and stuff in order to have room for some more.


Enjoy discounts

Choose your cruise properly and don’t venture yourself into the sea during the peak season. In July and August prices are over the top and you’ll end up penniless. Enjoy a romantic trip in September and October as well. Because it’s the Mediterranean, the climate is still warm at the beginning of autumn as well.


Make time for everything

Traveling through the Mediterranean might seem exhausting but it’s still enjoyable because of the alluring scenery. Once you’re on land make sure you learn how to prioritize. Make time for everything and be organized. Take a few minutes to shop, travel around and dine and don’t stop too much in one place because you won’t have time for everything.


Traveling items

No cruise can be complete without your iPod, camera and good mood. So as to stay entertained make sure you take your favorite music with you. In addition, your camera is compulsory since you will want to take beautiful photos in every country that you’re passing by.


How to prevent motion sickness

The best way to avoid motion sickness is not to think about it. Consequently, stay away from the deck and try not to look at the waves. Before leaving consult with your physician and ask for some nausea pills. Last but not least, it is not recommended to sleep when the bumping is too severe, because it will make your body feel really dizzy.


Be cautious with your money and documents

Massive cruise ships are usually extremely modern and they come with fine amenities. Rooms have key cards and safe deposit boxes, however you can never be 100% secured. Be careful where you keep your credit cards, money and general things and don’t forget to lock your cabin every time you leave. Even though you’re in the middle of the sea, this doesn’t mean that people don’t steal.


Safety is first

Although Mediterranean cruises are not the Titanic, you can never be too safe. Before leaving make sure you have your traveling insurance with you. In addition, go online and make a general check on the ship. Look for previous accidents and ensure that it equipped with life jackets.


Examine the weather

Before choosing the time of the year to enjoy a Mediterranean cruise, you should have a look at the weather conditions. In September, when prices are reduced there might be storms and aggressive winds you’ll want to avoid.

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