Volunteer Programs For Free Travel

Everybody wants to explore the world; and even if sometimes money is not enough, there are ways of seeing other countries without spending a dime. If you want to see how you can enjoy beautiful places, meet new people and benefit from an engaging life, have a look at some of the most efficient methods of free traveling.

Conservation Volunteers, Australia and New Zealand – If you want to visit the south hemisphere, Australia and New Zealand are waiting for you. If money is not enough you can try out the conservation volunteer program where you will be promoting eco tourism. Meeting new people and finding out more about a foreign culture will definitely make you enjoy the retreat. More information about the program can be found on www.conservationvolunteers.com.au. Become a volunteer now and change the world! Photo By: mirvettium


Help Exchange – If you like to help others and travel around the globe, then the Help Exchange program is exactly what you need. Basically, you’ll be traveling to locations where people need help like farming and gardening. Communities are usually welcoming and the cost of the entire program will only imply a small fee. Everything else, like food and shelter will be ensured by the host. Photo By: vastateparksstaff

Peace Corps – Enrolling in Peace Corps is every traveler’s dream because you get the chance to see numerous countries. In addition, you will have the opportunity to help others and contribute to something humanitarian. General Peace Corps positions are life changing because you’ll work, live and interact with needy people; you’ll explore poor countries and you’ll get to experience different cultures that need your help. It’s amazing what you can do with a bit of will. Projects that are based on healthcare for instance are the best ones because you’ll work with the people and for the people. Photo By: treesftf


United Nations Volunteers – After every natural disaster the UN gathers volunteers to help those in need. Every position is dedicated to the people who want to help and who are willing to travel a long way, to help others and receive gratitude. Being a volunteer is all about determination; and it won’t be for nothing because you’ll gain experience, you’ll see the wonders of a different country and you’ll win a strong point in your future resume. Photo By: United Nations Photo

Sudan Volunteer Programme – Sudan is known as one of the world’s poorest countries. Nowadays, there are numerous volunteers who are traveling to teach the kids English. You can be one of them; if you want to travel for free, meet new people and learn more about other cultures, the Sudan Volunteer Programme is a great opportunity. Photo By: Ofoliquaye

Trip Leader for HF Holidays – How would you like to enjoy a euro-trip for free? The Trip Leader for HF Holidays gathers tour operator from around the world to come to Europe and share their knowledge. In exchange, they get free accommodation and food. The opportunity comes once in a lifetime, and even if you don’t get money to share your historic background and work daily with the people, the places you’ll see and the tasks you’ll undertake will be rewarding after all.

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