Galactic Suite Space Resort

Do you have a desire of sleeping in outer space amongst the stars? If yes, it is time to turn your desires into reality. Pushing the margins of conventional science and exploration, the bio-inspired space resort is set to debut in 2012. The first hotel of its kind has been designed meticulously to orbit the earth at speed of 28,000 kilometers per hour at a distance of 450 kilometers from the earth, comprising 15 orbits a day. This first ever outer space hotel is the brainchild of Barcelona-based architect and ex-aerospace engineer Xavier Claramunt.


Guest at the space resort will be able to experience never–before felt sensations including weightlessness, sleeping in space, star gazing and stunning views of our Earth with 15 sunsets in a single day. Astonishing but true, guest will be able to travel all around the world within 80 minutes.


Made to accommodate four passengers along with two astronaut-pilots, the space resort offers a three-bedroom suite comprising of four modules connecting to a central enclosed area. Each module has a sliding window that allows the guest to gaze earth and the solar system. Each room is 4 meters high and 7 meters long with protrusions that will enable guests to fasten themselves while eating, sleeping or viewing. Specialized Velcro suits will also be provided to guests so that they can stick to the walls and crawl in order to evade the feeling of weightlessness.


Galactic Suite Space Resort also features the first ever weightless spa where guests can relax, calm themselves or gaze at the beautiful blue earth while floating in zero gravity. Overall, Galactic Suite Space Resort is aiming to offer the most awesome and transcendent experience to its guests while they stay on this amazing orbital luxury getaway.

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