Wine Tours in Switzerland

Switzerland is best known for its wine tours. With its rich historical background that’s dates back to 1st century BC, the wines produced in Switzerland have gained world wide popularity. Vineyards are grown in almost 15000 hectares of land spread across the south and west parts of Switzerland. Ironically, even after producing such a huge quantity of wine, only 2 percent of it is exported to other countries. Wine tours in Switzerland have become one of the main attractions in the country with several local agencies offering tour programs which include trips to some of the best vineyards across of the country. Photo By: mrwalter

The Valais vineyards are the biggest and also the highest vineyards in Europe with some of the vines growing up at a height of 1000 meters above sea level. The Vineyards produce 59 varieties of grapes which mainly consist of Chasselas and Pinot Noir. Located near the Alps, the place also forms a good sight seeing place. Photo By: christianmeichtry

Ticino is located in the southern part of Switzerland and is known for its traditional wine method of wine production. Wine tasting sessions are extremely popular due to the production of Merlot, one of the most popular varieties of grapes. Ticino, located along the river Magliasina also offers an excellent hiking path which could be used to explore the beautiful vineyards of the Ticino. Photo By: gregnbaker.snaps

Lausanne is called as the Switzerland’s Gourmet Paradise. Lavaux vineyards are declared as UNESCO world heritage site for its 800 year old practice of terraced vineyard harvesting. Lavaux has some of the finest restaurants in Switzerland serving the best Wines that are produced locally as well as that are transported from other parts of the country. Photo By: Hulivili

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