Must Visit World’s Weirdest Festivals

Festivals have always been an integral part of any culture in any part of the world but what’s surprising is the fact that people some time find odd ways of celebrating them. Here goes the list of some of the weirdest festivals in the world.


La Tomatina Festival, celebrated in Spain, also termed as Worlds Largest Food Fight is an event where thousands of crazy people throng to the streets of Buñol only to hurl Squashed tomatoes at each other. Photo By: flydime


Monkey Buffet Festival is yet another weird festival celebrated in a temple located in Lopburi, Thailand where more than a thousand macaques living in the region are invited for a day long feast containing tonnes and tonnes of fruits and Vegetables.


Moose Dropping Festival takes place in the town of Talkeetna, Alaska on the second weekend of July every year, where people from Hot air balloons throw huge quantities of moose dung from air that craftsmen use to make jewelry and other art work. Photo By: Barack Obama


El Colacho or the baby jumping festival takes place in Spain where men dressed as devil are required to jump over a number of babies lying on a mat. The act is believed to be done in order to protect the babies from evil spirits.


Annual Cheese Rolling at Cooper’s Hill is as weird as it gets. A huge block of Cheese is rolled down the hill and several people try to chase it. The Weird part is that despite several people getting seriously injured each year, the number of people taking part only increases. Photo By: brizzle born and bred

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