Must Visit Volcanoes in Philippines

Present in the Pacific Ring of Fire, Philippines is home to 37 volcanoes in total out of which 22 are still active. Here is a list of some of the must visit volcanoes in Philippines.


Mayon Volcano – The perfect and symmetrical cone-shaped volcano is considered as one of the most beautiful volcanoes of the world. Located in the province of Albay, Mayon Volcano is most active volcano of Philippines with as high as 49 eruptions till now in the last four hundred years. Photo By: denvie balidoy


Mount Arayat – Mount Arayat is an inactive volcano that hasn’t erupted for more than ten thousand years. It is located in the agricultural lands of Arayat and is a popular destination for hiking. There are two trails that lead to the summit of Mount Arayat. Three to four hours of hiking is all, it takes to reach the summit, where one can get a beautiful panoramic view of the plains.


Taal Volcano – Taal Volcano forms the worlds smallest or the lowest volcano is the world with its crater located at just 400 meters above sea level. Located on an island in the middle of Lake Taal, this volcano is also considered as one of most picturesque volcanoes in Philippines. The most unique feature of this volcano is a Crater Lake that is located within the crater. Photo By: therealbrute


Mount Apo – With the height reaching close to 3000 meters above sea level, Mount Apo is the highest mountains in the country and is rich in flora and fauna and for the same reason is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The mountain attracts thousands of hikers from all over the world.

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