Crazy things to do in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is one the most fabulous places to spend vacation in the United States. From gaming to dancing with half naked girls in one of those numerous bars, the list of crazy things to do in Vegas never runs out. Here are some of the crazy things that you can do in Las Vegas.


Sky Diving is a top priority for most of the people visiting Vegas. Jumping from a point almost 2 miles above sea level is something that most sane people would not do. But here at Las Vegas with an exceptional training program and latest equipments, sky diving experience would be as easy as it gets.


Thrills at the Stratosphere is a 100 storey Hotel with a mini amusement park at its terrace. Can u imagine sitting on a mechanical arm ride that stretches out of ridge for about 60 feet. Swinging in the air 100 storey above, X-Stream is the ultimate ride for anyone seeking adventure. Photo By: http2007


Getting Married in Las Vegas isn’t new. Many couples visit Las Vegas just to get married and make the event more memorable. One can perhaps hire a Helicopter and get married miles above the ground, take a trip over the Grand Canyon. Wouldn’t that be crazy? Photo By: outpostbabu


Extreme Racing is for those who are limited to driving at unrealistically high speeds just on their gaming consoles. At Las Vegas Motor Speedway, they offer cars like Ferrari and Lamborghini and allow you step on to the throttle to reach the maximum speeds at their international racing tracks.

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