Best Restaurants in Madrid

Madrid has always been a food loving city which has resulted in a variety of food cuisines that are served across the city’s known restaurants. Here is the list of Best restaurants in Madrid.

La Trainera – La Trainera is arguably the best sea food restaurant in the city. Although it might look a little small from outside and little out of fashion from inside, the food served here is just perfect. Unlike other restaurants that complicate the menus with too many varieties of same dishes, La Trainera serves only the best exotic ones.


Botin – Botin is the worlds oldest restaurant according to Guinness Book of World Records. Started in 1725, the restaurant is still running strong. Popular for the traditional Spanish food, Botin serves some of its signature dishes still the same way it used to more than 2 centuries ago. The building has a nice ambiance that blends well the traditional songs that are sung by musical groups.


El fogón de Trifón – This place is again very small, but the food here is among the best you could get in Madrid. El fogón de Trifón has a good balance of dishes on the menus starting from traditional to many improvised fusion dishes. The place is known for its wide range of wines that can be paired with some of the best Spanish dishes.


Casa Lucio – Casa Lucio is one of the hot spots for dining in the Madrid city where it wouldn’t be surprising if you come across a couple of celebrities citing right next to you. It is known for its typical Castilian cuisine that is served by very friendly and prompt staffs. They also offer a complimentary wine along with each type of food.

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