Packing an Emergency Go Bag

Bug out Bag is also called as emergency go bag that would help you in case of emergency situations where one cannot lose the time to decide on the things that can be carried. Having a list of all the things that would be necessary during an emergency would save a lot of time during the last minute. If you have such a bag prepared for an emergency, all you have to do is to just grab it and run for safety during an actual emergency.

A typical Emergency Go Bag would have food, water, a medical kit, an identification proof, a small shelter making kit, a knife and some clothing. Food needs to be checked regularly and replaced as they would definitely get spoiled with time. These are just the most essential items that should be on the top of the list. There are few other items that would be of great help when you are out on your own during an emergency.

Other items include torch, sleeping bag, emergency contact number list, a pen and a small notebook, extra batteries, books(if you read books), blanket, a fire making kit, some zip lock covers and a radio. A pair of socks and a jacket would help too during winter season to keep you warm.

Choosing the type of bag for an emergency bag is also essential. A Big bag with lot of partitions and compartments would help you to sort your items and put it in the bag separately. A backpack is one of the most recommended types of emergency bag since it can be just worn on the back. So that your hands would be free in case something else is required.

After packing, keep the bag in a place which you can easily access during an emergency otherwise it would make no sense at all, for you, to have a emergency bag that you cannot access during difficult times.

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