Star Wars Movie Destinations

Star Wars was definitely one of those movies that started a revolution in the sci-fi movie genre. With more than 3 decades of history behind us, all we think during a talk about Star Wars is the word fantasy. Few know that some of the locations that were showcased as the planets were actually real places in earth and instead of sets. Let’s check some of the places where Star Wars movie was filmed.


Tatooine, Tunisia – Not many people would have wondered that the planet Tatooine, which was shown as the home of Luke Skywalker is actually a real place on the deserts of Tunisia and the strange rock carved houses are actually real structures used for storing food. Photo By: yovanson


Seville, Spain – Home planet of Naboo in the Attack of the clones features a magnificent circular building but actually the actual location is a building named Plaza de Espana in the city of Seville in Spain. The building in real is fabulous. Built in Moorish style with lots of intricate artwork and decoration carried out.


Caserta, Italy – Many scenes in the second Star Wars trilogy were actually shot in the palace of Caserta located in Italy. Many of the action packed scenes of the epic battle with Darth Maul were shot here. The lavish interior and exquisite flooring of the palace is just amazing. A lot of care was taken during the shooting and a good amount of special effects were used so that the palace does not get damaged. Photo By: czechian


Redwood National Park – Moon of Endor in the Star Wars movie was actually the Redwood National Park located in California. The trees here are enormously huge. Awesome place for fans to hang out and recall the scenes that were shot in this place. Photo By:  ilya_ktsn

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