Best Beach Wedding Destinations

Wedding is one of the most important phases of anyone’s life. So it becomes imperative that he chooses the location wisely. Getting married in beaches has become a sensational hit with more and more couples demanding a place where they could get all the peace they want. Here is the list of top Beach wedding destinations.


Hawaii Beaches – Hawaii has some of the best beaches in the world. Apart from being a popular honeymoon destination, the beaches in Hawaii such as Maui are best places for beach weddings. The perfect weather and loads of activities at disposal make it an apt location of a wedding and a subsequent honeymoon too. Photo By: puuikibeach


Caribbean Beaches – When it comes to some fantastic and pristine beaches in the world, Caribbean is definitely up right there on the top of the list. There are numerous beach resorts that offer packages for a beach wedding, promising a tranquil, intimate and an unforgettable moment of life. Getting married on some of the most serene and scenic on the earth could really be something that one can cherish for an entire life. Photo By: Clive Gutteridge


Florida Beaches – Florida receives sunshine through out the year which makes its beaches one of the perfect for a vacation. These beaches also make a fabulous place for a wedding. Clear skies, white sand and some lovely resorts would complement the wedding and make it even more enjoyable. Photo By: Cayusa


California Beaches – Getting married in one of the beaches in California is a great idea. There is nothing peaceful and relaxing than to have the wedding in the calm and serene beaches of California. Away from the crowd, with just your family and friends, taking vows for marriage would be an eternal bliss that can only be felt. Photo By: Tim Pearce, Los Gatos

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  1. Ramona says:

    Love visiting SoCal! One of my favorite California beach resorts is Hilton Waterfront. Can’t beat the view and so classy for the price!

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