Crazy things to do in Seattle

Bored of the regular and boring sight seeing places, how about trying something different and having some real fun? Here are some crazy things to do in Seattle.


White Water Rafting – Adventurous, dangerous and definitely crazy! One must try the white water river rafting while staying in Seattle. There are lot of organizers available who would guide you through the process and schedule a session for you. One of the most memorable things that one could do in Seattle!


Aerobatic Plane Ride – This one would definitely be crazy. People looking for some thrill and excitement can book a acrobatic plane in which you can fly along with an experienced pilot and a number crazy acrobatic maneuvers would be performed in air. Although this might be a costly affair but at the end of the day, the money is definitely worth the thrill and enjoyment one can get.


Pike Place Market – Going for a shopping in a place as crowded as this one could be called crazy. The Fish-smelling streets of this market are crowded throughout the day and are full of activity with lots of fishmongers and vegetable sellers on the roads.


Paragliding – People could also try paragliding that is available in both weekdays and weekends. At a cost of just over $175, one can go for paragliding lessons or a 2.5 hour ride through the air. Paragliding is an extremely enjoyable and thrilling thing to do. All you need is some courage to try it.

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