Must Visit Places in Europe Before You Die

Of all the continents in world, the Europe is the only one to encompass all that’s old & new, wild & calm, ancient & modern, magical & logical. Truly speaking, it is Mecca for lovers of history, art, food, fashion, architecture, wines, landscape, charm and culture. Check out the list of “must visit” places in Europe.

Dubrovnik, Croatia – Famed for its picturesque red roof landscape and high city walls, Dubrovnik is truly a place where you can write fairytale. Nestled on the Croatian Dalmatian Coast, Dubrovnik is a lively tourist destination and it offers beautiful coastline and seaport. The place is also known for a number of historic monuments including the St. Saviour Church and the Sponza Palace. Photo By:  VideoVik

Berlin, Germany – One of the most iconic cities, Berlin is a city known for its contemporary and modern history. There is something or the other for everyone in the city including a long list of celebrations, festivals and parades. The city is also known for its vibrant nightlife, food and museums. Photo By: Nigel’s Europe

Switzerland – Known for its majestic beauty, Switzerland is one place that everyone must visit before dying. Switzerland is a small country surrounded by mountains, lakes and pristine beauty on all the sides. Moreover, Euro rail makes traveling around Switzerland extremely easy and economical. For those who like visiting places that offer scenic landscapes and freshness, Switzerland is the best place to be. Photo By:  T@H!R – 

Rome, Italy – Rome happens to be one of the best and most visited places on earth. Also called the city of the seven hills or the Eternal city, Rome is known for its historical richness and natural beauty. It is definitely a place to visit at least once during the lifetime. Photo By:  F.d.W.

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