Top 5 Beaches in Hawaii

One of the world’s most incredible places to visit, Hawaii, highlights a chance of a lifetime to experience the most spectacular beaches and witness a genuine, one of a kind vacation.

Punalu’u  Beach – One of Hawaii’s most astonishing beaches, Punalu’u marks out its uniqueness through the staggering black sands. It was formed when two of the most active volcanoes in Hawaii, Mauna Loa and Kilauea exploded and all the lava went into the sea forming the black sand.  A perfect, romantic place for tourists worldwide, the beach highlights the most peaceful atmosphere and breathtaking scenery.  Enjoy the powerful, warm sun, explore the wide, sandy territory and witness the famous Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles.  Positioned near the town of Hilo, Punalu’u is certainly amazing; the black, peculiar sand give the beach an entirely new appearance and makes it unique and different from the other Hawaiian beaches.  Photo By: kasiahalka

Ka’napali Beach – Situated near Lahaina, one of Hawaii’s famous regions, Ka’napali is definitely one of the most popular and exoteric places on the “The Big Island”.  Due to the construction of various resort hotels in the area, the place has been completely transformed into a natural oasis of water activities. From the entertaining snorkeling to the intriguing windsurfing, from the breathtaking diving activities to the lively kayaking, Ka’napali is a place for the adventurous traveler in search of some adrenalin onto the crystal clear sea.  Explore a wonder land of activities, enjoy the island for its natural, one of a kind landscape and witness a lifetime experience. Photo By: udapt4life

Honaunau Bay – From the long nosed butterfly fish to the well known surgeon fish, Honaunau features a more unusual, strange beach. Once the victim of the Kilauea volcano that spread its lava into the sea, and now the home of various species of fish, the place has become the world’s most visited spot for scuba diving. Because of the formation of lava under the water, numerous species of unique fish have been born, creating a real underwater paradise, appreciated, protected and admired by divers all over the world.  Photo By: va10ishack

Poipu Beach  – Apart from the fractious, fussy waters and noisy, rowdy activities, Poipu highlights a more relaxing place to visit. From the calm, clear waters to the recreated atmosphere, the beach is certainly the perfect place for the romantic tourist.

Whether you’re tired of the city’s hustle and bustle and you just want some quiet time, Poipu is definitely the perfect place to choose.  The warm, breezy wind together with the golden, smooth sand will make up for the best ambiance where travelers all over the world will find the peace they’ve always searched for.  Photo By: stevesheriw

Hookipa Beach – Forget about quiet, peaceful waters and serene, calm atmosphere because Hookipa Beach features a crazier more adventurous experience.  It is the perfect spot where tourists come to enjoy the strong wind and the bold, fussy waves to experience the adrenalin within a tremendous sport, surfing.  Competitors all over the world come here to catch the most dangerous and dynamic waves, while the rest of the tourists witness a live show of such an extreme, outgoing water activity. Overall, the energy of the sea together with the hot summer sun will make up an incredible adventure for all travelers. Photo By: daytona.coupe

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  1. Carene says:

    I was just browsing the Internet, looking at some beautiful pictures of beaches on Maui, Hawaii, when I came across your website and found a mistake on your section “5 top beaches n Hawaii”.
    Its says “Ka’napali Beach – Situated near Lahaina, one of Hawaii’s famous regions, Ka’napali is definitely one of the most popular and exoteric places on the “The Big Island”. ”
    I’m afraid this is wrong, as Ka’napali Beach, near Lahaina, is located on Maui and NOT on Big Island.
    I thought I’d let you know as I’m sure people who do not know Hawaii but might want to use your website in the propect of going there may expect the correct information.
    Also, I am not sure the word “exoteric” exists. Did you perhaps mean “exotic”?



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