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La Tomatina

Biggest Parties around the World

Who does not love parties? Everyone does. Some people travel across continents just to attend some parties. Yes, that’s true. Some parties are attended year after year by thousands of people from different countries. Here is the list of biggest […]

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La Tomatina 4

La Tomatina 2011

La Tomatina is one of the craziest festivals that is celebrated in a small town called Bunol, in Spain. The La Tomatina is celebrated on the

Monkey Buffet Festival

Must Visit World’s Weirdest Festivals

Festivals have always been an integral part of any culture in any part of the world but what’s surprising is the fact that people some time find odd

Tomato Fight

Craziest Festivals in Spain

Spain is known for some of the craziest festivals that are celebrated as a part of tradition. Here are some of the most craziest festivals you should not

Roskilde Festival

Top 5 Summer Music Festivals in Europe

Summer is the time when some of the best music bands in the world come together and perform in various music festivals that are organized in different

Nantucket Wine Festival

Best Wine Festivals in USA

Wine festivals, in all sizes, can be found in almost every U. S. state. Mild or wild, each wine presents a distinctive flavor. There cannot be an


Best Beer Festivals in World

A beer festival is people’s best chance to relax, have some fun, enjoy good music and of course drink lots of beer. These types of concerts happen annually,


Harbin Snow Sculpture Festival

Hēilóngjiāng province in northern China is known to be cursed with one of the coldest climates that are found in Asia but its capital Harbin gives


Flower Parade in Holland

There is no doubt that springtime in Holland is Mecca for those who get fascinated by flowers. Holland is definitely the best choice if you are


Clarenbridge Oyster Festival 2010

Clarenbridge Oyster Festival is one of the most cultural and entertaining gatherings in Ireland. The event starts on the 10th of September and the purpose of

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