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Crop Circle at South Field

Crop Circles in Wiltshire

Throughout the 1970s crop circles used to be inexplicable phenomena found in corn fields. Their perfect shape and geometrical outlines have raised the interest of the people around the world. The magnificent crop circles in Wiltshire are among the most […]

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Easter Island, Ahu Tongariki

Easter Island

Easter Island is one of the most beautiful places on Earth and it is internationally known for the illustrious Moai statues. Located 3600 kilometers away from

Original Hobbit Hole

Hobbiton Movie Set – Lord of The Rings

New Zealand is a country filled with beautiful landscapes and paramount scenery. After the making of the famous Lord of the Rings trilogy, the spot had been

Natraj Shiva

Elephanta Caves in India

Elephanta Island is a famous place in India located one hour away from Mumbai. The island is mostly known for its caves, truly interesting and

UFO Museum, Roswell

Roswell – UFO Capital of the World

Do you believe in aliens? That’s the latest question of the 21st century. When everything is evolving and technology is advancing, scientists usually go back to precedent

Petronas Twin Tower

Free Tourist Attractions in Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia is an amazing city to visit, whenever you’re thinking about an Asian vacation. Cool, full of activities and entertaining, all travelers


Munich Attractions for Children

Munich, one of Germany’s most beautiful cities is a great spot for a family vacation. Get ready for the most engaging and fun experience and choose to

Loch Ness Monster

Loch Ness And Loch Ness Monster

The legend of the Loch Ness Monster is probably one of the most controversial legends of Scotland.  Suppositions regarding the existence of such a creature started over

Lotus Bahai Temple

Lotus Temple in Delhi

Lotus Temple is known as one of the most remarkable Indian constructions, positioned at Kalkaji in New Delhi. Truly impressive, massive and alluring, the shrine was


Tips for Traveling During Pregnancy

How can you resist 9 months without traveling? Well, if you’re an adventurous woman you can’t. Therefore, exploring the world when your baby is on the way

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