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Must Visit Places in Europe Before You Die

Of all the continents in world, the Europe is the only one to encompass all that’s old & new, wild & calm, ancient & modern, magical & logical. Truly speaking, it is Mecca for lovers of history, art, food, fashion, […]

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Best Trekking Trails in Europe

Europe is heaven for people who love to go on long trekking tours. From Alps to the Carpathians, the landscape of Europe is just as good as it

La Tomatina 4

La Tomatina 2011

La Tomatina is one of the craziest festivals that is celebrated in a small town called Bunol, in Spain. The La Tomatina is celebrated on the

Valais vineyards

Wine Tours in Switzerland

Switzerland is best known for its wine tours. With its rich historical background that’s dates back to 1st century BC, the wines produced in Switzerland have

Roskilde Festival

Top 5 Summer Music Festivals in Europe

Summer is the time when some of the best music bands in the world come together and perform in various music festivals that are organized in different

Baggage Fees

Be Careful with Airline Baggage Fees

Air travel can be really tricky these days. You might be happy that you’ve found a cheap flight but when you have to pay hundreds of dollar


Best Bike Routes in the World

Biking has become today a great way of entertainment among adventure travelers around the world. If you’re looking to explore risky locations but beautiful and engaging, you should


10 Ancient Cities You Must Travel

Ancient cities are people’s best chance to get in touch with former religions and old fashioned customs and traditions. Hence, while some places come along with stunning architecture,


Best Party Cities in Europe

Everybody likes to party. And because Europe is a continent with so many great cities, here you’ll also come across some of the craziest and liveliest in the


Volunteer Programs For Free Travel

Everybody wants to explore the world; and even if sometimes money is not enough, there are ways of seeing other countries without spending a dime. If you want

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