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Must Visit Places in Europe Before You Die

Of all the continents in world, the Europe is the only one to encompass all that’s old & new, wild & calm, ancient & modern, magical & logical. Truly speaking, it is Mecca for lovers of history, art, food, fashion, […]

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Black Forest in Germany

The famous Black Forest is positioned on the south side of Germany in the Baden-Wurttemberg mountain range. Towards the south and west, the beautiful woodland is

Steigenberger Frankfurter Hof Hotel

Steigenberger Frankfurter Hof Hotel

Comfortable and extremely inviting, the Steigenberger Frankfurter Hotel is one of Germany’s finest accommodations. Presenting 280 rooms and 41 suites for its customers, the place is


Most Impressive Buildings in World

Fabulous buildings have defined architectural concepts in the 21st century. Thus, for tourists who want to esteem breathtaking construction made by genius architects, you might want to have


Craziest Hotels in World

The world is filled with weird and unusual hotels. While for some people, an accommodation facility is just a place to crash for a night, for others it


Awesome Castle Hotels in Germany

Germany is a country with over 20,000 gorgeous palaces and castles. Out of all of them, only some have managed to remain intact. If you want to recreate


Best Beer Festivals in World

A beer festival is people’s best chance to relax, have some fun, enjoy good music and of course drink lots of beer. These types of concerts happen annually,


Best Party Cities in Europe

Everybody likes to party. And because Europe is a continent with so many great cities, here you’ll also come across some of the craziest and liveliest in the


Best Urban Beaches around the World

Urban Beaches may not be as popular and wide like usual coastlines, but they’re still entertaining and filled with tourists. Mostly appreciated during the warm season, these beaches


Magnificent Heart Shaped Destinations

How much do you love nature? The world is such a mysterious place to explore, and thus it comes along with some pretty spectacular destinations. If you’re a

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