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Plaza de Espana

Star Wars Movie Destinations

Star Wars was definitely one of those movies that started a revolution in the sci-fi movie genre. With more than 3 decades of history behind us, all we think during a talk about Star Wars is the word fantasy. Few […]

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La Tomatina

Biggest Parties around the World

Who does not love parties? Everyone does. Some people travel across continents just to attend some parties. Yes, that’s true. Some parties are attended year after year by

Quo Puerta del Sol Hotel

Quo Puerta del Sol Hotel

Elegance, lavishness and architecture, all come together at the Hotel Quo Puerta del Sol in Madrid. Designed with clients’ comfort in mind, the Quo

Best Trekking Trails in Europe

Europe is heaven for people who love to go on long trekking tours. From Alps to the Carpathians, the landscape of Europe is just as good as it

La Tomatina 4

La Tomatina 2011

La Tomatina is one of the craziest festivals that is celebrated in a small town called Bunol, in Spain. The La Tomatina is celebrated on the

Monkey Buffet Festival

Must Visit World’s Weirdest Festivals

Festivals have always been an integral part of any culture in any part of the world but what’s surprising is the fact that people some time find odd

Parque de La Alameda Marbella

Must Do Activities in Marbella

Marbella is a town situated in Spain that is particularly known for the affinity that rich and famous people from all over the world share with it.

Tomato Fight

Craziest Festivals in Spain

Spain is known for some of the craziest festivals that are celebrated as a part of tradition. Here are some of the most craziest festivals you should not

Roskilde Festival

Top 5 Summer Music Festivals in Europe

Summer is the time when some of the best music bands in the world come together and perform in various music festivals that are organized in different


Most Mysterious Monuments in the World

The world is one peculiar place, filled with fabulous, inexplicable attractions. Those fascinated by the unknown will definitely be amazed by these locations. Coming from ancient times to

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