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Victoria Falls Bridge

Best Bungee Jumping Locations Around the World

Thrilling, adventurous and daring – Bungee-Jumping is an extreme sport, perfect for risk takers galore. Moreover, those who love this sport are always on the lookout for locations that can offer the best experience possible. Here are some of the […]

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Must Visit Places in Europe Before You Die

Of all the continents in world, the Europe is the only one to encompass all that’s old & new, wild & calm, ancient & modern, magical &

Valais vineyards

Wine Tours in Switzerland

Switzerland is best known for its wine tours. With its rich historical background that’s dates back to 1st century BC, the wines produced in Switzerland have

Swiss Chocolate

Chocolate Factory Tours in Switzerland

Switzerland is world famous for its high quality chocolates. With a history that started in early 17th century, Chocolate production has literally moved off to a

Widder Hotel

Widder Hotel Zurich

A charming blend of modern design and old architecture, Widder Hotel in Zurich unfolds nine historic townhouses, many belonging to Middle ages, restored painstakingly and


Craziest Hotels in World

The world is filled with weird and unusual hotels. While for some people, an accommodation facility is just a place to crash for a night, for others it


Most Amazing Platforms in the World

There’s nothing more compelling and adventurous than admiring the world from a distance. These days, people would do anything for a bit of excitement and there can be

Zoological Gardens

Best Places to visit with Kids in Zurich

Featuring one of the largest cities in Switzerland, Zurich is an idyllic traveling destination for families with kids. Around the metropolis activities are varied, and they’re quite


Best Winter Ski Resorts in Switzerland

Now that the summer is gone, people should start thinking about their winter vacations. Hence, Switzerland is a Paradise on earth when it comes to ski resorts.

Shopping in Lausanne

Lausanne, one of Switzerland’s most entertaining metropolitan areas is a great place to benefit from a shopping extravaganza. Positioned on the shores of Lake Geneva, Lausanne

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